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 MERCE: 2020!


We’re so excited about Merce: Season 2, we could just spit. For the second season, Merce will be back with his “popular” (wink-wink) roommate Corvette along with her Jo; Merce’s boyfriend, the handsome Remington; those three fabulous Fairies; and of course, his down home, sass-talkin’ Mama. 


But new to the Merce company will be Merce’s evangelical Aunt Bless, his cousin Todd (the whore), Todd’s fiancée Lisa Minelli (Lisa with an S, not Liza with a Z), plus doctors and ministers and much, much more!

FIRST LOOK: A mini-episode from Season 2 where Merce is having trouble talking to his doctor about an embarrassing medical issue, and Mama helps. New song by Adam J. Rineer! 

We also have two new composers, Mr. Rob Hartmann and Mr. Adam J. Rineer. They’re both fabulous, and really gay. Super gay. I mean, they write show tunes, for God’s sake. 


Merce: Season Two is much more hard-hitting, y’all. The show  tackles topics such as serodiscordant relationships, secondary conditions to HIV, slut shaming, and gay marriage, all with bawdy humor, glamorous singin’ and dancin’, and most of all, heart. 


We're currently in post-production, with the premiere coming (hopefully!) in January of 2020!

But you’re not getting another detail about it. Not even a clue. Nope, don't even ask. Let it all be a mystery.


Merce: Season 2 will come out soon -

with your help.


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